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09/02/06 Hot Movies for Her presents the Greatest Female Orgasms Ever. click here to view.
02/05/06  Updated Erotic Fiction
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01/28/06  Updated Sex Advice - click here to view
01/28/06 Caged Tushy
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 Gallery Five

01/28/06 Guys Get Fucked
 Gallery Four
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 Gallery Six

01/18/06  New erotic fiction from Ron Chee as well as an entry from Scott.
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Favorite Places

Frugal Diva
Jane Duvall
Hanne Blank
Heather Corinna
Phone Slut Diary

Fat Girls rule!

And yes I do happen to be a little biased since I am one myself. <g> It's well worth the visit to check them out.


Looking for fun?

Try this, it worked for me!

Where on earth does the time manage to get to? I'm amazed at how fast it appears to zip right by me. I've been working on a complete re-vamp of the website so look for that to be up fairly soon.

As always your input is always appreciated. If you have any ideas for tutorials or information you'd like to see included here please drop me an email.

Curvosity Girl!

It's official! Ok, it's been official for a bit but this is the first public advertising I'm doing in regards to becoming a Curvosity Girl. What this means is that you will find pictures of me along with pictures of a lot of other curvy, gorgeous women including my favourite, Katt! This is a membership site but it's a great deal at $15.95/mo



Don't forget to visit Erotimania when you get a chance. Katt and Wolfe are incredible people and produce some great material. Here's a Sample. photo from when I was there visiting.
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